Always be ready for a home visit

Effective 10/1/18 you must serve & identify at least 1 whole wheat/whole grain on your menu per day; meals will be disallowed per ADE requirements. 

 You can serve the whole grain item at any meal during the day.

A minimum of 1 must be served & identified. Keep proof of items being served; Pictures on your phone, physical package or a label kept in your binder must be available for review.

Milk  Children age 2 & over must be served Skim/Fat Free or 1% milk.

Infants Solid food is optional until their 1st birthday based upon if the individual child is developmentally ready for solid food. Infants have 2 groups 0-5 months & 6-11 months *at 6 months you may introduce solid food if a child is developmentally ready.

MENU  You must list your menu items at least one day in advance, to use as planning guide & to present to a reviewer that you have all items readily available for meal service. LIST MENU ITEMS ONE DAY IN ADVANCE.
X’s On MENU Complete the X’s on your menu by the end of business for that current day. If a review is conducted & your menus are not current you must be disallowed, ADE Policy.

Sign In/Out Sheets A parent must sign the child in at drop off & then sign the child out at pick up. Sign In/Outs must be completed daily. If there are no signatures on your sign in/out sheets you will be disallowed all meals for that child.

AWAY FROM YOUR HOME DURING MEAL SERVICE: If you will not be home during a meal service listed on your provider application you must contact our office this is a federal requirement; notification may take place via phone call, text or email. This must be done at any time you’re away from your home; not just if you think you’re should be due for a home visit. If you fail to contact the office you will be placed on corrective action if it happens repeatedly you will be subject to serious deficient & dropped from the program.

NO GRAIN BASED DESSERTS ALLOWED: No Pop Tarts, Rice Pudding, granola bars, cookies, rice krispy treats, brownies, Cake, etc. if you serve these items meals must be disallowed.

YOGURT Please send a picture of label of yogurt for your file, or label on your menu brand & size of container.. it can not have more than 23grams of sugar per serving. 32oz store brand are approved & any plain yogurt. 

High sugar foods are limited; animal crackers, graham crackers, homemade sweet bread & muffins, examples include banana bread, pumpkin bread, zucchini bread may be served you MUST SUBMIT RECIPE for bread & muffins WITH MENU IF SERVED. High sugar items may not be served more than 2x in 1 week = 7 days.

Convenience Food; if you serve convenience foods you must submit a CN Label to be allowed to claim. Examples include but not limited to: Chicken Nuggets, Corn Dogs, Raviolis, hot dogs, pizza, fish sticks; If you do not submit a CN Label meals must be disallowed.

High Fat Foods are limited to No more than 2x a week ( 7 Days) NO TOP RAMEN, Vienna Sausage, SPAM, all HIGH FAT

HOMEMADE FOODS  If you list an item on your menu as homemade you MUST SUBMIT A RECIPE, items such as chicken nuggets, lasagna, fish sticks, enchiladas, Spanish rice, salsa, salad (green or fruit), mac&cheese; these items must have a recipe attached to menu or they will be disallowed

REMEMBER to include the non-discrimination statement on any flyers you post or distribute.
“This institution is an equal opportunity provider”

******A friendly reminder that it is required by policy to contact the office if you are going to be away from your home during your normal daycare hours, which includes any time you have listed on your application for meal service.  

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