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Always be ready for a home visit
Sign In/Out Sheets must be signed when child is dropped off & when they are picked up. Two (2) Signatures are required per child per day.  Each child must have their own sign in/out sheet.

If CACFP paperwork is not complete this will cost you $$$. Complete all paperwork accordingly...

Time In/Out Listed on MENUS:1.   Provider MUST list a TIME in/out for EACH child on the menus INLUDING PROVIDER’s OWN.  If this is not listed ALL meals are to be disallowed.

OVER RATIO:2.You may not claim more than four (4) children for compensation. If you are over-ratio you will be found seriously deficient, with the possibility of being dropped for CAUSE.

SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN:3.You MUST list a reason and date for claiming a school age child for lunch on a week day, i.e. spring break, ½ day of school, home sick, Christmas break.  If you do not list you will be disallowed for those meals.

DATE on Enrollment Form:4.Date on enrollment form must be the day you begin care for a child.

PROVIDER Application Times:5. Review your Provider Application Times to insure you are claiming meals within your application times for meal service.  EXAMPLE:  If you list lunch from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm you may not serve lunch for reimbursement at 12:30

Claiming more meals than allowed:  Federal Regulation allows reimbursement of 2 main meals and a snack or 2 snacks and a main meal. (main meal breakfast, lunch, dinner).

The correspondence is provided as technical assistance.  Please retain in your provider manual.

Deanna Barrowdale

******A friendly reminder that it is required by policy to contact the office if you are going to be away from your home during your normal daycare hours, which includes any time you have listed on your application for meal service.